Nature Thoughts, Part 2 (Inspiration)

Flourishing in Full View (4/7/21)

Jacaranda Tree

Dripping down with subtle grace,

the jacaranda blossoms dance.

Seasonal and pure they delight.

Beloved Visual Spritz (4/8/21)

Green Plants

Elegance fawning downward

the delicate spray of greenery,

Humble within its soul.

Soft Petal Pink Glory (4/9/21)

Pink Flowers at Kaiser-Permanente, West LA Cadillac

Aromatically fragrant and splendid

the graceful petals fell

An inspired ground accepts them.

Red and White Flora

Orange flowers near and on the fence at the Natural History Museum

Extravagant in the garden,

a flower radiates brightly

Against a blue fence.

Perfectly Small and Meticulous (4/11/21)

Small Orange Flowers

Virtuous and serene

the tender buds bloom

Decorating the earth forever.

White Among the Green (4/12/21)

White Calla Lily at Kaiser-Permanente, West LA Cadillac

Decorating the space in splendor

the blissful white flowers grow

Spreading upwards towards the sun.

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