Inspired by Dr. Seuss (Fashion Coordination)

If a person ever needed “Dr. Seuss Read across America” week this year it was me. Overwhelmed, physically and emotionally from all of the challenges in my life right now, I still embraced the occasion and let the magic of it guide my way. First I did two things, I studied the pink and black flyer provided by my school site, then I coordinated my outfits accordingly. Since it’s a literary event, I also wanted to share my love for Dr. Seuss by donating a brand new book to the class I helped in every day.Fa

Monday: Favorite Story Book Character, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

My first “Read across America” week was  at another school,where I picked up a month-long assignment, as a substitute in the resource office.Comparing that experience,to my current one, is like comparing Thing One and Thing Two to Cindy Lou Who. There we reclaimed our innocence but here we just tried to heal and stabilize. Unfortunately the outside world had momentarily forgotten the positive message of the event.

Tuesday: Fox In Socks

Wednesday: Thing One And Thing Two (Dress Like a Twin)

On the first day of “Dr. Seuss Read Across America” week, at my other location, when the resource teacher laid out her collection of lovingly tattered volumes on the main table in a display, she said, “Whenever we do guided reading I want to encourage each student to either pick one, to read alone, or with one of us. If they don’t feel comfortable doing that we can read aloud to them independently or within a small group.”

Thursday: Cat in the Hat Day (Wear your favorite hat)

Friday: Drop Everything And Read (Wear Red)

Carrying On a Dr. Seuss Tradition:

This year I wanted to continue this charming tradition,with my current job site,by bringing in five of my own Dr. Seuss books to share. My plan was to either read the stories to the students,each afternoon,or ask the teacher or another instructional assistant to do it. Through scaffolding I hoped to guide them into a wondrous fantasy world I still love escaping to. Excited by the newness of the Books, the students sat still in front of the other staff and I on their classroom carpet and via a sea of exciting words and visuals traveled on one of their first reading adventures.

With comments like,”that Fox is mean” , about the main character in “Fox In Socks”, it seems they really grasp the meaning of a Dr. Seuss book-to make you think.