Doing It Old School in Chuck Taylor Converse


From about age 5 to 11 1/2 my favorite sneakers were Keds, then I when I started junior high, they were replaced with Chuck Taylor Converse. I’ll never forget how grown up I felt in my navy-blue and white high tops and hideous blue and white regulation gym uniform. In the early ’80’s, while attending San Francisco State University, I was going through a punk rock phase and wanted a pair of Converse to wear with my favorite Levi’s, but I was on a budget. One day, when I was coming out of the Student Union I saw a vendor selling them for less than $50, so I bought a black and white pair. Over the years I’ve worn a variety of sneakers, including Keds, but Converse (usually low tops) have been a constant.
A couple of weeks ago I was feeling in need of renewal, so when I went shopping I looked for something green to perk myself up. A pair of sea foam high top Converse, I saw in the shoe section at Ross, looked so lovely and old school they became my momentary salvation. After buying them and bringing them home visions of all the outfits they’d accompany filled my head. As I put them in one of my closets, next to my ankle boots, I felt good knowing a classic I’d worn since childhood were still as comfortable and versatile as ever.

 How to Wear Converse Today:

  1. Pastel colored Converse provide a nice contrast for a lush white summer dress and light shawl, while still keeping it feminine.
  2. To compliment the angularity of a black slim-fitting knit midi dress, try pairing it with a pair of white Converse, and a rugged denim jacket, for a nice street edge.
  3. Running errands don’t have to catch you in an overly cas mode. You can spice up your everyday uniform by mixing something as simple as a crisp button-down with a pair of cropped jeans and a pair of low-top Converse.
  4. Want to get that black and white look without being too fussy? Try wearing a monochromatic white outfit with a pair of black low-top Converse.
  5. Boho never looked so cool and comfortable than when a long maxi dress is coordinated with a pair of low-top Converse and a suede jacket.