Fave Fashion Look: Stripes

Once when I was substituting as a Special Education Instructional Assistant for LAUSD at an elementary school, in my neighborhood, I had to intervene when a male student was ridiculing a female because she wore stripes every day.

Since I’m African-American, and so was this male student, I realized part of this backlash might be cultural so I took a scholarly approach, and told him that I love and wear stripes a lot too, and furthermore as a part part of the fashion industry as a fashion writer I’m joining my co-workers in the field with my devotion.

Predominantly associated with the Waspy preppy look and Ralph Lauren it can still be given an ethnic twist by designers like Stella Jean who often pairs striped button-downs with Brightly patterned skirts.

So whichever road you take to appreciating this timeless print remember to wear it with pride and with your own unique twist.

Definition of stripes: “A long narrow band or strip, typically of the same width throughout its length, different in color or texture from the surface on either side of it.“

Oxford Languages

Summer Stripes Under $50:

loose pocket beach sundress in plus-size (Walmart.com, $16.04)
Women’s Adidas essentials three-stripe tee (http://www.kohls.com, $25.00)
Striped gauze miniskirt (m.Marshall’s.com, $9.00)
Summer Stripes

Fave Fashion Look: The White Dress

White, the color of snow, vanilla ice cream, sketch paper, and comfy tees, has always been the perfect non-shade for summer. Girly, yet chic, white is perfect for the simple dresses available during the warmer months. Whether glammed up with a pair of sexy sandals or made sporty with retro Reeboks the white dress is forever classic and a wise sartorial investment.

Definition of the color white: of the color of milk or fresh snow, due to the reflection of most weight wavelengths of visible light, the opposite of black.

Oxford Languages
The White Dress

Five White Dresses Under $100:

Nordstrom Rack, Sarah & Sam, Annie Cloth,Uoozee, and Nafiinu

Description of Dresses and Prices:

  • Urban white lapel long shirt dress (Uoozee, $42.99. Uoozee.com)
  • Leticia women’s classic shirt dress (Sarah and Sam, $49.99 Sarah-Sam.com)
  • Ruched shirt dress (Nordstrom Rack, $44.97)
  • 90s white lace knit shift midi dress from Nafiinu-Ronnie Nichols, $50)