Fave Fashion Look: The White Dress

White, the color of snow, vanilla ice cream, sketch paper, and comfy tees, has always been the perfect non-shade for summer. Girly, yet chic, white is perfect for the simple dresses available during the warmer months. Whether glammed up with a pair of sexy sandals or made sporty with retro Reeboks the white dress is forever classic and a wise sartorial investment.

Definition of the color white: of the color of milk or fresh snow, due to the reflection of most weight wavelengths of visible light, the opposite of black.

Oxford Languages
The White Dress

Five White Dresses Under $100:

Nordstrom Rack, Sarah & Sam, Annie Cloth,Uoozee, and Nafiinu

Description of Dresses and Prices:

  • Urban white lapel long shirt dress (Uoozee, $42.99. Uoozee.com)
  • Leticia women’s classic shirt dress (Sarah and Sam, $49.99 Sarah-Sam.com)
  • Ruched shirt dress (Nordstrom Rack, $44.97)
  • 90s white lace knit shift midi dress from Nafiinu-Ronnie Nichols, $50)

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