Observation of the Week: Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month

For Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month I decided to feature two Hispanic Los Angelenos I saw this past week. One was an Hispanic male in a black sweatshirt, beige cargo pants and dark boots and the other was a female co-worker wearing a light-colored dress accessorized with a navy-blue baseball cap and high-topped Converse.

Weekly Fashion Observations: (9/8/21-9/10/21)

Weekly Fashion Observations
An Hispanic woman I was sitting next to on the bus was carrying a blue Frida Kahlo tote, and when I asked her about it she said “My sons brought it back for me from Mexico. The best thing is it came with an apron too.”
Guy on the bus wearing a black tee and a pair of jeans.
Female employee at LAUSD elementary school wearing a long white cardigan over a navy-blue dress.

Weekly Fashion Observations: August 30-September 2, 2021

Another feature of the “Every Day Fashion: Style for the Mainstream” blog I will be introducing, and posting every Sunday, will be called “Weekly Fashion Observations”. It will consist of descriptions I record whenever I see someone during the day who I think is wearing a great outfit or has a lot of style. I feel these observations really represent the spirit of “Every Day Fashion” because they tell a wearer’s sartorial story truthfully and boldly.