Nature Thoughts, Part 1 (Inspiration)

Buds on Tree (4/2/21)

Jacaranda Tree

Fragrant early dewdrop day.

‘Tis the approach of blooming,

the center of harmony.

Red Green Leaves (4/3/21)

Red Flora

Sun nestled the flowers,

Leaves crouched alongside them.

Next to the rosy apartment building.

Together Forever (4/4/21)

Rose Bush

Everlasting and conjoined sweetly,

Two flowers barely touch,

a miracle of togetherness.

Rose Garden near the Natural History Museum. I took photos there before attending the “Dinosaur 101” Workshop at the museum.

Back to It (4/5/21)

Deep yellow blooms pushing upwards,

Softly the petals sigh,

the sun brightly shines.

Birds of Paradise at Kaiser-Permanente, West LA Cadillac

Romance in Bloom (4/6/21)

Lush and entertained it grows,

Decorating the barren dirt,

a touch of nature exists.

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