Editorial Challenge: Red and Pink Color block Dress from “Old Navy”

One of the biggest challenges of wearing and writing about every day fashion is acquiring editorial pieces that have been featured in a magazine ad or TV commercial.

The last time I tried to buy a black tiered skirt by H & M that I saw in their ad in Elle magazine, I almost lost out at their store in Century City because their last one was a small. Since I wear a medium, I took a chance and hoped I it would fit.

This time, my challenge was acquiring the red and pink color block dress I saw in an Old Navy commercial on TV one day. Just like the H & M skirt I knew it would look good on me, and fit in with my sartorial aesthetic.

Unfortunately, when I first tried to buy it online, it was out of stock, so I knew it was going to be a tough path to my dream dress. As I looked at all the crossed out sizes on the order page I heard the sales clerk’s voice from H &M telling me when I bought their black skirt, “It’salways hard buying something editorial because when everyone sees it they rush out and get it.‘

Dejected, but not beaten yet, I decided to check out the Old Navy site again a couple of weeks later to see if the dress was back in stock. To my surprise it was, and joy of joys, it was also in my size and on sale!

If you’re wondering what the moral to this style tale is, it’s this, never give up on a garment no matter what because if it’s meant to be yours you’ll eventually get it.


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