Enjoying the Day in Pink and Brown (Fashion Coordination)

Photo by Victoria Moore

While riding the bus home from my Adobe Photoshop class at Santa Monica College I saw an attractive Caucasian man, sitting in the seat opposite me, wearing a brown zippered sweater, beige pants, and brown ankle boots.

“I like your ankle boots,” I told him. Although he initially seemed shy and self-conscious he eventually told me, “They’re from a thrift store. I’m an artist so I can’t afford to spend a lot on my clothes.”

Wearing an off-white linen blazer I bought at Ticktocker Timeless Treasures awhile ago, a pink pullover sweater from the A New Day line at Target, and a pair of brown corduroy pants from Forever 21 I knew how he felt about trying to dress well on a budget, especially in Los Angeles. But with a little time and effort it can be done, regardless of your location, budget, age or size.

Inspiration for Today’s Outfit: Ease

Happy that the weather was getting warmer and the flowers were blooming, this outfit was also inspired by two new books I’d just bought at the book seller’s stand at Kaiser-Permanente, Magnolia Table: a collection of recipes for gathering by Joanna Gaines and You Can Draw, the two magazines I bought with an African-American on the cover, InStyle and GQ, my magazine subscriptions to California Apparel News, Victoria, US Weekly, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Fudge, and Vanity Fair,  and my need for something soft and comfortable enough to wear in a long Saturday class. 

Outfit Breakdown:

Off-white blazer: Ticktocker Timeless Treasures

Pink Pullover Sweater: A New Day line at Target

Brown Corduroy Pants: Forever 21

White Sneakers: Ross Dress For Less

Wide though my influences were I learned that fashion, like art, can be inspired by anything around us.

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