Fashion Find Friday: Black Nylon Bucket Hot

When I found this black bucket hat by Open Edit on I was in a bit of a state. As I was nearing my bus stop, on the way home from an outing in Venice, California, I realized I’d lost my favorite black bucket hat from H &M.

The day had been particularly windy, so I’d been fighting to hang onto it all day. Now that it’s gone, and my new hat is on the way, I can resolve my feelings of loss and chalk it up to another misadventure thanks to a mischievous gust of wind blowing at a busy intersection.

Favorite Fashion Look: Plaid

Plaid shirt and pants from Nordstrom

Traditionally used for kilts, schoolgirl skirts, and wide-leg ‘70s bellbottoms plaid is a print that either can enthrall the wearer and viewer overwhelm them. If worn head-to-toe it can be a bit much, but if broken up with a dynamic striped Breton or solid color tee it can wow even the most apathetic chicster.

I credit André Leon Talley for turning me onto it when I was truly done with the trend. Interviewed on a fashion TV program one Saturday morning, in a gloriously wild room literally dripping in red plaid, he sermonized about the wonders of the design so fervently, I was sold, and have loved it ever since.

Forever timeless and vibrant it’ll always be the royalty of fabrics.

Definition of plaid: A fabric with stripes and bars of various colors and bars that cross at right angles.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition

Designers who’re using plaid for Fall 2022:

  • Roberto Cavalier
  • Christian Dior

Where to buy plaid gear:

  1. Gap
  4. Walmart
  5. Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack

Fashion Wish List Item

Bold, breezy and cool, when I saw this gorgeous green and white print dress on I knew I had to put it on my Fashion Wish List. Perfect for work, or a fun day at the flea market or museum, I also love that you can wear it with sneakers or other casual shoes. Best of all, at $69.90 it’s definitely within my budget.

Lapel collar dress with long cuff sleeves . Tiered skirt. Front button closure.

Vintage Clothing Profile: Print 1970s Maxi Dress

Print Dress (
Print maxi dress

Fashion in the ‘70s:

  • Styles reflected more simple times, such as the 1930s, and were designed with natural textiles like leather, wood, and suede. Synthetic textiles were also the norm.
  • Following the wide popularity of the mini skirt, during the 1960s, hemlines dropped and maxi dresses ruled in the 1970s.

Dress was bought at online